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Participating In Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge

Dean Holland's Quick Start Challenge

This is Bruce Hoover taking a look at “Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge” program. It came with some pretty high expectation and fanfare so I immediately joined to see what all the fuss was about.

My Take On Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge

This program was clearly written with the beginner Internet Marketing person in mind. Specifically, if you have found yourself frustrated with existing courses and training programs you have purchased that didn’t quite deliver on their promises to show you how to make money online then you may want to take a look at this one.

In fact if you look at it from the perspective of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result then your next course of action becomes obvious. You need something that will show you step by step what to do and then give you the opportunity to implement it with enough feedback to understand what you may have done wrong so that you learn.

What You Get With Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge

With this four week training course you get an introductory but effective way to take your online business from inception to implementation. This is done through a four week hands on training course that each week delivers as follows:

1) Informative webinar that presents this week’s fundamental step.

2) An exercise to be completed by each participant that allows them to master the fundamental information given in the webinar.

3) Feedback on the implementation by Dean Holland and other participants in the course.

4) There are also bonuses given out each week to participants to reward their efforts.

So stay tuned each week as this blog is updated with a weekly synopsis of the perspective training for that week. This blog post was actually an implementation of the first week’s exercise. The idea was to get a working web-site up and to the point of being able to communicate to an online audience. So this is my implementation of “Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge” week 1 exercise as shown in the graphic below this.

Dean Holland's Quick Start Challenge

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  1. Hey Bruce,

    Great looking site, I’m on Dean Hollands challenge and enjoyed the first session, came across your blog and dropped in to say hello and introduce myself


  2. Hi Bruce!

    Nice theme you have here. This is only week 1 and it’s good you’re taking action. Week 2 is near! I know you can’t wait! :p

    I wish you all the best, Bruce!


  3. Hi Bruce,

    Great blog. I am in Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge as well and was just taking a look around at others who are participating in Dean’s program.

    It looks like you have some experience in IM already. Good synopsis of Dean’s program. It will be fun going through this together. I wish you all the best and look forward to watching you succeed.

    With Kind Regards,

    Timmy Wright

  4. Hi Bruce,
    It’s great to see that that you started taking massive action.

    Congratulations with your brand new blog, a published post and your about me page, all good stuff here going on!

    I’m tired too of those over hyped, re-packaged one-click rubbish products and with lack of support. Good thing there’s Dean and a few others to guide us.

    My goal is to make $10 and of course finish all the tasks Dean sets us and after that, keep doing what is required until I will be successful like Dean!

    Good luck to all of us!


  5. Hey Bruce,

    Man, this is your first post and this blog looks this great already? Dang!

    I am pretty sure you have a lot of expertise, I loved the presentation, love the colors and the logo.

    It’s just a matter of time to get you in profits my man or are you already in profits?

    By the looks of this place, it wouldn’t surprise me (that’s a good thing btw!)

    Take care and now drive traffic to this place baby!


  6. Great video and post, Bruce! It’s very informative and I hope to see more of these the next time I visit your blog! Good job and all the best to Dean’s challenge!

  7. Hey Bruce, GREAT JOB on the site!

    And great job on the video on this post too. Keep this up and you will be flying!

    I’m on Dean’s Challenge too and the race is on to drive as much traffic to our sites as possible.

  8. I am really looking forward to taking your course Dean. I have taken many courses that had really taught me everything that I know but your course looks so organized and very informative. It is good to include assignments as many courses do not include assignments, none that I have taken. It is crucial to stay on track.

  9. Hi Bruce,

    I’m also a member of Dean’s QSC and I’m enjoying it very much. I look forward to the weekly webinars, action assignments and group interaction.

    I enjoyed reading your post and will stop by again soon to see what’s new.

    Enjoy the journey!



    Nice Video!

  10. Hi Bruce,

    Nice job on week 1 of the challenge. What did you use to create the video? I have wanted to add video reviews to my sites for a while but haven’t taken action yet.

    Looking forward to following your success. Shane

  11. Hi Bruce,
    Wow, I was blown away by your video. The content was great and to the point. No fluff. The graphics were great. The audio was clear. The background music was helpful and not too loud. Great job!


  12. Hi, I like your video it looks professional. I’m in Dean’s Quick Start Challenge right now too and I’m stopping by your blog as part of our week two assignment. I love this that we are helping each other and building our own credibility at the same time. Good luck with the weeks to come!

  13. Hi Bruce
    I like your site – it is very professional.
    Like you, I am following the Quick Start Challenge and can’t wait to see how it all works out.
    I’ll be following your progress, too, as we go along.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  14. Hey Bruce – nice looking blog and your Quick Start Challenge video was very cool. Especially liked the animated characters interacting with your points on Dean’s Quick Start Challenge. Looking forward to seeing post #2 and your video skills.


  15. Loving your PP slides, voiceover and WP theme Bruce!

    I can see potential in making a paid course for others to do similar PowerPoints. Seeing PP slides with no pics or animiation is annonying to watch, I think, especially when can read faster than the voice over! No choice but to twiddle thumbs waiting for slide to change. Grrrr

    Hey Bruce, are you in the Skype group? Don’t think I saw your name or you joined with an alias?

    Take another look at your links in this post. The INTERNET MARKETING link gives an error and the CHALLENGE etc link goes back to this post

  16. Hi Bruce
    You have a high quality site! Lovely graphics and the video is very professional. The music you have chosen is definitely motivating too.
    All the best

  17. Hi Bruce,

    Love the blog layout and the video is very smart. Would love to learn how you have done the video.

    I am also on Deans challenge and looking forward to week three.



  18. Hi Bruce,

    Very nice blog you’ve started here and some good content that you’re posting.

    I really liked the video that you have put together on the QSC, very professional.

    Well done for getting started and taking action.

    Good luck in the QSC


  19. Hey Bruce,

    Cool blog you got going here. I really like the video and I am enjoying the quick start challenge as well. I wish you the best and consider me a partner in the net marketing business.


    Ben Giles

  20. I am very interested in taking this course. Sounds perfectly interactive and that will keep you on track. Thanks for bringing this out.

  21. I would like to know how this course is different from others that I have taken? I like the interaction aspect of it but just would like to know more. Thanks.

  22. I am really looking forward to taking this course. It sounds like it will really help teach me aspects of IM that I am unclear of in a true step by step away. I will be keeping an eye out for this.

  23. I have taken a lot of courses that I did not deliver much. I will give this a try. It sounds quite interactive which will make a difference.

  24. I have taken a lot of courses that were a waste of money. Dean Holland’s marketing tactics are useful and I would take any course created by a true expert like Dean.

  25. Hi Bruce,

    Very proffessional video, very sharp.

    As another QSC student I thought that I would stop by and say hello.

    I have been visiting the other blogs and have seen some great sites. There is no doubt that Dean has got us all working hard.

    Good luck with the challenge.


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