Bruce Hoover

Super Affiliate Journey – Day 17

1a) Today’s Educational Goal – John Crestani’s Super Affiliate program Week 11 – Native (Day 01) – (Day 02)
1b) Today’s Activity Goal(s)

  • Finish posting advertorial variation(s)
  • Finish configuring web-site tracking

2) Today’s goal is important because campaign tracking is the only way to gather data.
3) The 9th week in the Super Affiliate training is about discovering how to properly configure an Adwords campaign to give yourself the highest probability of being successful.
4) The advertorial variations I’m starting with are:Control

  • Control W/out CTA button
  • Control W/Quotes (Proof Elements)
  • Control W/Quotes W/out CTA button
  • Control W/Quotes W/Scientific Graph
  • Control W/Quotes W/Scientific Graph W/out CTA button
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