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Before I tell you about myself let me share with you the main reason I wrote this bio

What is it?
REASON: The only emails I look forward to getting are from people who I feel I know personally.

There’s nothing worse than a stranger blowing up your inbox!

Listen. What most GURU’s won’t tell you is that information alone won’t help you succeed with online marketing. Why is that? Well, there is way too much of it out there. So outside of getting NEW information, you also need to be able to get hold of information from a source that is reliable.

In other words…

Someone you trust!

Like you I discovered that when I would get on someone’s email list, I’d usually end up unsubscribing simply because I felt like I couldn’t trust their information…. or them! The truth was they were nothing more than a name on my computer screen.


  • Who was that person that wrote me an email?
  • What do they stand for, and what are they against?
  • Why are they in internet marketing?
  • What’s their story?

So with these type of questions in my mind and probably yours as well let me share a little bit about myself, so I’m not just another name showing up in your inbox. I am sharing this with you because I truly feel and believe that I have some outstanding strategies that could change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to read about them, BUT more importantly…

Act on them!

I dabbled in Internet marketing in early 2001, around February At the time I was doing IT consulting and was trying to find a way to sell an option trading program I had developed. So I read some books on marketing. But remember, back then there were not that many books on Internet Marketing specifically. So I started reading about marketing and before long I came across Jay Abraham’s material and I was hooked.

I was hooked hard…
But it would be almost another 7-8 years before I really got my focus to be on-line. So in 2007, right around the time my youngest brother got married, was when I decided to give it another go. Of course, I didn’t make a million dollars over night. In fact, I still haven’t made that million. The harsh reality was that I went about 18 months before I made any money online.

Because I am an information addict I tried everything I could get my hands on. The first thing I tried to do involved creating a PLR based product, modifying and then attempting to sell it via the clickbank marketpace.

The membership I had signed up for made it sound so easy! But the fact is that you just aren’t going to learn all the subtleties involved in selling products online buy by reading one narrow minded info product.

Trust me when I say there is a learning curve to marketing. At the time I knew that intellectually but the reality of it had’t quite sunk in. I ended up spending thousands of dollars that first year on a lot of fads, too good to be true tactics and products that just didn’t quite deliver the rosey promises they had offered.

The simple truth was I just didn’t care, it was the excitement that kept me going. But I did learn SEO, how to build a website and basic affiliate marketing. In fact affiliate marketing is what I focused on next.


Trust me on this one. Thinly veiled affiliate promotions just don’t work. The average consumer just isn’t that stupid! They know there is a “catch”. Again, because I didn’t know basic salesmanship, I went back and forth from making a little money to making no money.

But I didn’t give up!

Okay, I thought, if I can’t make money with the affiliate marketing technique, maybe I can take my knowledge of marketing and help small businesses located in my area. So overnight I became a small business marketing consultant since I did know SEO and actually was pretty good at it. Like training for the marathon you will find that persistence will carry you a long way. (i.e. 26.2 even!!!)

And it made sense. If you searched online for these local businesses you’d see these people didn’t have a clue about SEO or marketing.

It should have been easy peasy. While I did have some success with this my basic lack of understanding marketing was causing my slow demise.

I always thought that in the land of the blind the ONE eyed man was king. But the joke was on me since I was still blind too!

Newbie Quiz
A demonstration is in order here! If I asked you who would be the better candidate to sell a flat screen TV to. Would you choose (A) The guy with the old black/white TV that doesn’t have a remote and is in desperate need of a new one or (B) Or the guy that has a flat screen TV in several rooms of his house and in fact just bought one last month?

Before I give you the answer I want to point out that it may well be true that the second guy doesn’t seem to NEED a flat screen TV. But if I had to make a choice then I would be choosing (B) all day!

Key Point:
Choose the group of people who are already paying for good marketing and advertising. This means they already understand the importance of it and are acting on that knowledge. No education needed!!!. This is so much easier than trying to start from square one with small business owners… even though they are the ones who need it most.

That’s when I literally stumbled on
an idea that actually worked….

See, after dealing with these small business owners I was determined to become a product creator and sell my own stuff. So that’s when I set out to do just that. So I would work during the day as an IT consultant and then at night I would go home and work on my product ideas. One thing I am excellent at is taking a complicated process and making it “Obvious Adams” simple.

So one day I met up another like-minded individual and we got together and created a website ( and we entered the e-commerce arena. By the end of the first month we were getting sales. I was happy but I had wanted to get online because like many of you reading this you either had an idea and/or expertise that given the right training could help you get rid of your job.

To that end I started learning how to write sales-pages, how to split test offers and most importantly how to create products that ACTUALLY delivered on their promise. I learned early on that if I can’t get you to change your behavior regarding a subject than chances were high that you wouldn’t get the outcome you were seeking.

Taking my own medicine I committed myself to creating products and writing copy. I proceeded to create a new product every month and every time I did I got better and better at it.

I surprise myself with the quality of copy I can now write, and the decreasing amount of time it takes me to do it. But I do practice it every day even now. If you have purchased one of my PDFs or for that matter downloaded the “Newbie Blueprint Strategies” then you already know that I create excellent PDFs. I have graduated to making some really good video courses now as well. But most importantly

The Journey Changed Me

Whenever you do something that takes you outside of the box and you keep at it until you are good at it then guess what? Your box gets bigger. You’ll find yourself becoming more of a person. You’ll find that by keeping at it you will overcome fears along the way and find that you actually ALREADY have the confidence you need to succeed you just need to give yourself permission. You’ll also learn how to handle failure so that you know it’s all a learning experience.

The most important thing is that I get to help others along the way.

Working as a consultant I have been in the position of helping Fortune (100) to Fortune (500) companies save and/or earn hundreds of thousands of dollars up to in a few cases million(s) of dollars because of my ideas and business process optimization(s). But they have never said to me,”Bruce, that business process optimization you did changed my life”


But just the other day I had a coaching client tell me that they were finally going to do it and that the information I had shared with them had changed their life.

Of course, the successful implementation of it is what assisted in enhancing the quality of their life. It has undoubtedly made them a better person, just as my journey has made me a better person.

So was it worth it? Yes!

And If I had to do it over again, I’d want it the exact same way.

-Bruce Hoover

Quick Synopsis

Bruce Hoover

Bruce Hoover’s Background

I’m an author, speaker, and online marketing mentor living in Chicago. For over two decades I have worked as an Independent IT & business consultant to fortune 100 financial service companies like The Citadel Group, OCC, CmeGroup, Bank Of America , JP Morgan Chase and Mann Investments to name a few.

I’ve now written more than 700 articles, a number of short reports, books on Kindle, as well as the best-seller, “Change Your Habits – Change Your Life”.

In addition, I have created my own information products. I teach others how to quickly write short reports and eBooks that get results for their buyers, set up their websites/blogs, use the technology necessary to build an online business, create and develop information products and courses, write their own sales letters and opt-in pages, and get them going on-line in the least amount of time. My intent is to assist my students in building a profitable online business they can run from anyplace they have an Internet connection.

Bruce Hoover’s Coaching Mindset

When it comes to working with individuals the primary question in my mind is,

“How do I make sure that your behavior changes?”

This is where the real value of having a mentor comes in. If I see that you are experiencing boredom than I increase the level of challenge in our relationship. However, if I see your experiencing anxiety than I help you raise the level and breadth of your skills.

This is why your working with an online mentor can make the difference between struggle and success. Contact Bruce at: bruce [at] bruceahoover [dot] com [ encoded to deter spam ] to find out more about his mentoring program.